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Hi I haven't posted or been active in ages as I've been having a really rough patch lately and felt it was unfair to take anyone else down with me, but I was hoping to ask a general question, which I apologize in advance if it has already been touched on before but...

Has anyone here tried hypnotherapy or know anyone that has used it for treating panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression etc?
It's something I have very briefly considered over the years but never really been tempted to try - but today after a bad experience today my riding instructor suggested it is something that might help me. She's found it successful for treating her own phobia but I can't imagine anything ever helping me to combat this. I know that is most likely the condition talking but just wondered of anyone else's experiences?

Thanks :o)
No problem. I know what it's like, we're all that desperate we'll try anything. So give it a go and just trust your own instincts. I don't ever think I was under hypnosis and everytime I went I was thinking what if i dont have anything to say :\ and I was getting no feedback or what I thought I needed... coping mechanisms. But we're all different so good luck x